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The number one primary care today developing innovative health models & products to fulfill patient needs everywhere. We offer Family, Internal, Integrative, All-Inclusive Medicine via Mobile Care, Tele-Health, & In Office.

(We DONT Practice Medicine WE DO HEALTH)  

Why Choose the DO Doctors?

At the DO Doctors, we offer a unique blend of healthcare approaches, providing Traditional, Alternative, Holistic, and Osteopathic care. Here's why you should choose us:

  1. Comprehensive Care: You can trust that our providers are well versed in various realms of medicine. We combine traditional medical knowledge with alternative and holistic approaches, allowing us to offer a comprehensive range of treatment options tailored to your needs.

  2. A Balanced Approach: We believe in a balanced approach to healthcare. Our doctors are committed to not solely relying on prescribing medications. Instead, we take the time to carefully assess your current medications, seeking opportunities to reduce unnecessary prescriptions while improving your overall health.

  3. Medication Optimization: Our focus is not just on adding more medications to treat symptoms but rather optimizing your medication regimen. Our doctors will thoroughly review all your medications, considering potential interactions and side effects. We work with you to find ways to enhance your health while minimizing the number of medications you need.


By choosing the DO Doctors, you gain a healthcare provider who embraces a holistic perspective, addressing your medical needs with a well-rounded approach. We prioritize your well-being, looking beyond immediate symptom relief to optimize your overall health and quality of life.


WE DO all we can for all those we can. DOING health different, NOT just better: beyond health care provided today, DOING More, NOT just enough. We find answers other DOCTORS CAN’T & help when many specialists DON’T. We Create care models to meet your needs. Choose DO Because When They Can’t, Won’t or Don't, WE DO! The DO Doctors DO More, DO For, and DO, Till Health DO us Part; They Don’t, WE DO


The DO Doctors comprises professionals with many different backgrounds and training. We have specialists in geriatrics, family, internal, osteopathic, & holistic health. Our vision is to maximize the training and knowledge we accumulate to provide care different from typical care. We vision providing the highest level of care using many different healthcare models to offer care for all. For example, the Doctor of Osteopathy model offers traditional medicine with an alternative approach. The Doctor of Nurse Practitioner approach also provides traditional western medicine, alternative medicines, and many different nursing care models. We combine all these strengths and knowledge to bring our patients health and wellness that will DO more for them than any single care model. 


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Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

PHONE: (951) 925-3635 

FAX LINE: (951) 925-0014


2569 W Florida Ave, Hemet, CA 92545

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