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Health Care for Residents Just got easier 

As a primary care practice, we specialize in enhancing the health of senior living community residents. Our focus is on delivering personalized medical care that meets the unique needs of each resident. We offer fast-response onsite and on-call care, which not only provides residents with the attention they deserve but also helps to attract new residents to the community.

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Onsite Medical Services 

We serve as a valuable amenity for your marketing team to showcase during tours, as we provide onsite medical services. In addition, we can conduct medical examinations and provide physician reports for new residents who are relocating.

Minimize Move outs and Retain Residents

Our clinical care helps decrease unnecessary hospitalizations, avoids skilled nursing placements, and keeps residents healthier in your community.

Reduces Cost of Operation

Our role involves keeping everyone informed about the patient's condition, working closely with healthcare providers to manage medications and treatment plans, and facilitating communication between various specialists, family members, and designated power of attorney holders to address the patient's needs.

Provide Home Bound Patients Referrals to Assisted Living, & Memory Care.  

Unlike other mobile practices that only go to communities where there is large financial incentive. We dedicate our services to the community by providing even the individual homes with primary care options. This helps more people gain access to care and helps communities find residents that need to connect with a facility. We provide education, and opportunity for residents and communities to connect.

Benefits You Get

Consistent Clinic Time & After Hour Service for Facilities 
Fast Care Where You Need It
Free Insurance Options 
& Monthly Membership Options for Others

 Our primary care providers are available 24/7/365 to communities for urgent health events and regularly visit your community to provide in-home care for residents and to assist staff. 

Individuals or their family members can receive prompt care in the office, at home, or their residential living facility through in-person, video, or phone appointments on the same or next day, as needed.

We provide free care for those that have the correct insurance. We also have an option for others regardless of their coverage. Choose the right option for you. Learn more

Doctors that DO 

At the DO Doctors, we offer a unique blend of Traditional, Alternative, Holistic, and Osteopathic care. Our providers are well versed in various realms of medicine, allowing us to offer comprehensive treatment options. We prioritize a balanced approach to healthcare, taking the time to optimize your medication regimen and reduce unnecessary prescriptions while improving your overall health. Choose the DO Doctors for a healthcare provider who embraces a holistic perspective and strives to enhance your well-being through personalized and comprehensive care.

Supporting Different Communities

Independent Living Communities
Assisted Living Communities
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Affordable Senior Housing Communities
Life Plan, Retirement Communities & 55 +Senior Communities 
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